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Eveles Hiring and Catering Company was first established on the 2nd December 2016. Having just one year it’s approximately still a small and growing privately owned company that is intending to make profit and maximises its services and product throughout Africa Eveles Hiring and Catering Company is a well-recognised company with a professional way of running that involves management and supervision. It is completely having its daily running activities and equipped staff.

It is also well known for its collaboration and teamwork with other small business sectors which essentially provide the identical products. It furthermore cataracts under the marketing industry where there is extreme competition, locally, regionally, internationally.

However, it offers additional quantity and worthy quality for hiring and catering which are Crockery, Cutlery, Table cloth, Tables, Chairs, Chaffing dishes, Braai stands, most outstandingly we offer decorations which entails drapping, setting tables and lot of them in different kinds of events and functions its transports.

Drapping and setting a table are very crucial part Eveles plays in most functions it attends.




To hire and cater at the complex standard and create value. Once more to hire at the affordable prices to every entities and collections of people. Eveles is intending to leave no stone unturned by distributing its capability of broadening the knowledge to the people who are willing to work. In addition also to increase more experience in the industry of marketing.  Apart from that, we Africans need to be more independent from northern countries where by they exploit Underdeveloped countries. Our target is to see Africa growing because of our talents and skills.


Eveles is entitled to provide the hiring and catering material in its daily running business in every area across the country that is cutlery, crockery, tables, chairs, table cloths, centre pieces, and lot more to mention. We do our job and deliver with interest so as to entertain the customer’s desires the skills and talents Eveles can provide for is customers, and also able reach the desired places


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